whirly ball, cake and theater snobs

This post is not about soap.? It’s about my super fun weekend and first go at whirly?ball.? Saturday was my friend Brandie’s 30th birthday, and she decided we should celebrate by all acting like we are not anywhere near 30.? So we played whirly ball – a ridiculously fun game that involves bumper cars, mini-lacrosse type sticks and flying balls.? I was awful, but so was everyone else.? Now I just need a good reason to play again.

Then off to dinner for Brandie’s b-day, and found out her boyfriend Corry is quite the baker.? He made the most fabulous birthday cake I have ever seen that wasn’t paid for.? And it tasted great.? Props to Corry.


Yesterday Joey and I went to see Phantom of the Opera.? We bought season tickets again this year since there are some great shows coming and we both really enjoy going.? This was the first show of the season, and we loved it.? What we didn’t love where the theater snobs behind us who complained about the show sucking the whole time.? Apparently the singing was all off and just not up to their standards.? I never understand when people act like that….it’s so disrespectful to the people on stage who are signing their hearts out.? Regardless, we loved it and had a great time.


What an excellent Friday!

So today I got a good taste of the power of the web, and it’s most popular handmade marketplace, Etsy.? This week I opened an Etsy store, and this morning I was briefly featured on the homepage.? I received a huge warm welcome from fellow shop owners and received several wholesale inquiries – a first for me!? It was quite exciting for my ‘lil ‘ol soap shop.

I was also featured on 2 blogs today – CraftGossip and Lilac and Grey.

Just had to toot my own horn a little…turns out all this time I’ve been?spending cruising the web may be actually beneficial.? Now, time for a glass of wine.


you might be a soap addict if…

I found part of this list on an old soap makers post, and it just hit too close to home.? I can relate to all of these.

You?might be?a soap addict if:

  • You disdain any soap you didn’t make yourself.
  • You have more essential oils than you do spices.
  • The fridge is full of vegetable oils to be used for soapmaking.
  • You use the stockpot to make soap.
  • You have more “soap” utensils than you do “cooking” ones!
  • You own a stick blender, and use it.
  • You keep coconut oil in the freezer.
  • Your mate has learned NOT to taste that interesting stuff in the casserole dish!
  • You get excited when lye goes on sale.
  • You’ve bought olive oil in the one gallon container.
  • You’re on a first-name basis with the UPS guy.
  • Your house always smells like you’ve swiped the inventory from “The Body Shop”.
  • You carry free samples of soap in your purse, your briefcase and your car, just in case.
  • You try writing off your “work cupboard” as a home business tax expense.
  • You denude your lavender bushes before they’re ready so that your lavender soap looks right.
  • Your husband trips over all of the soap molds hastily stacked in the kitchen.
  • Kitchen? what kitchen? YOU have a test laboratory.
  • You know the difference between M&P and CP.
  • You don’t have friends, you have test markets.
  • You see products in stores and recognize which companies sold the molds.
  • The UPS guy rolls his eyes every time he lugs a box to your house.

my soap room and the dog who loves it

When I decided I would make soap my job, one of the first things I needed was a space to put it all.? Our old “office” (aka junk room with leftover furniture from college and everything that didn’t have a place in the rest of the house) had to become my real office.? That was?huge ?a project, but I’m happy to say it’s complete…mostly.? I’ve been spending?more and more time in my new soap room, where I store all of my curing bars and soap ingredients.?

Today my soap rack is completely full since I have a craft show this Saturday.? I’ve been making?soap like crazy this week and have TONS of soap cutting to do this afternoon – 9?loafs?are ready to be cut.? It will be a miarcle if I can fit them all on my one drying rack.? Not sure what?Joey (hubby)?will think when he comes home from work one day and I’ve lined the living room with soap drying racks as well.? Hopefully it won’t come to that.

What I didn’t mention about my soap room is that our dog, Kenji, also thinks this is his room.? He’s more than happy to share though and loves hanging out in the soap room.? All of his bones are on the floor in there, even after I move them to his bed in the living room, they still end up back in ‘his’ room.? Here’s Kenji in the soap room.

There's soap everywhere!

This week was exciting.? I had my first professional photo shoot with my soap, and I have to say it turned out great!? There were stacks of soap everywhere, and I had no idea my bathroom could be such a great place to take photos.? My brother Travis, the?fabulous photographer who lives in NYC, took these beautiful photos that I can’t wait to put on everything!?

All photos are by Travis Williams Photography