A few months ago my mom called me and said she was having a difficult time finding a good cuticle treatment that wasn’t filled with chemicals. ?She was at the beauty store and started reading me the ingredients on some of the ‘natural’ brands, and they were filled with all kinds of unnecessary stuff. ?I offered to make her a cuticle oil, and then began researching what to put in it.

She’s been using it for a while and said it works like a charm. ?It also lasts forever. ?Since it’s a mixture of concentrated vegetable and essential oils, a little goes a long way. ?I gave her a 1 ounce bottle size, and I bet it will last her at least a year. ?I decided it was time to share the cuticle oil love, so I made a small batch last week. ?I bought the roller ball bottles from a fellow soaper who didn’t need them anymore, so I only have about 2 dozen of them. ?They hold .35 ounces of oil.

Recipe ?(this makes 1.4 ounces, filled 4 of my little bottles perfectly)

  • .75 oz olive oil
  • .2 oz almond oil
  • .2 oz jojoba oil
  • .1 oz vitamin E
  • .05 oz lavender EO
  • .05 oz rosemary EO
  • .05 oz lemon EO

Blend ingredients together and pour into containers. ?Couldn’t be any easier!

I used my trusty aromatherapy book for guidance on the essential oils to use. ?I chose these 3 because they are known to strengthen nails and are all antibacterial.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to sell these or not. ?I have a show coming up this weekend (The Cowtown Indie Bazaar), so I may just make a bigger batch and see how they go over.

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  1. Your cuticle oil works great. My nails are stronger then ever and growing very fast. Plus, since I started using it I have not had my cuticles clipped one time! Next, I think you should make some solid fragrance. The reason I say this is your natural deodorant is soooo good. It works better than any I have tried, but it also smells great. Every time I put it on I love the smell (Lemongrass). Would be great to have a rollerball fragrance (oil) for the purse or small fragrance stick made like deodorant for the purse. In the 70’s fragrance sticks were VERY popular. Maybe time for a comeback. I know you can do it my little chemist!

  2. I didn’t know this was an option for purchase! Maybe with all the distractions at lunch you forgot to mention it! We may try and make it out to see you on Saturday! Good luck!

  3. Thanks Mom! I’ll have to give you a roller ball for your cuticle oil…makes it much easier to apply. Solid fragrance is a good idea. What scent would you like? Lemongrass?

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