Today I made my first batch of beer soap, and man, did it stink when I mixed the beer with the lye.? Note to self to only mix beer with lye outside from now on.? Even with the windows open, and my lye bowl right next to a window, it still filled the entire house.?

This batch was a beer shampoo bar – my first attempt at a shampoo bar as well.? I have read that beer is supposed to be good for hair, and I had been wanting to use some of Joey’s homebrew in some soap, so seemed like a match made in soap heaven.? So this batch has homebrewed Bavarian wheat beer – yummy!

I mixed in 3 essential oils also good for healthy hair, and it smelled quite lovely when I poured it…not like the stinky, beer/lye mixture that I started with.? Now I have to wait to see how it turns out….that’s always the hardest part!

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  1. You’ll get it. And when you do it will be amazing like all of your other soap addict products I adore!

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