I’ve always loved how artistic soap can look, and have been trying to successfully execute the swirl lately.? I’ve seen demos, watched YouTube videos on swirling and read countless articles online about the many different ways people swirl, but still I have yet to get it right.? I tried a batch on Friday (smelled really yummy – a blend of palmarosa?and lavender) that I swirled with rose clay.? This was my second attempt to swirl this soap with rose clay, and I still don’t quite have it down.?

My first batch I measured out part of the soap and mixed in the clay separately, but then it started to thicken so quickly I was really rushed on the important part – swirling.? I poured the soap with clay back into the pot with the white soap and then poured into the mold.? It actually came out ok, but my clay was not mixed in well enough.

The second batch from Friday I decided I would pour half the batch into the mold with no color, and then pour the colored soap into the mold and swirl with a stick.? I thought I would have lovely swirls throughout, but no such luck.? I either didn’t swirl enough, or maybe this method is more difficult to obtain swirls with.? Not quite sure, but back to the drawing board on this one.? Sigh.? Apparently I am not blessed with the gift of swirl.? More testing, here I come!

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