my SOAP rack, that is. :)? Here’s my latest soapy creations, all on the drying rack right now and ready in the next 3 weeks.

margarita soap topped with sea salt and colored with ground parsley - smells just like the drink
pure patchouli soap with hemp oil - for the patchouli purist who likes it straight up
orange vanilla (dreamsicle) made with fresh orange juice, heavy cream and kaolin clay. Super soft and smells divine...may be my new favorite (but don't tell the other soaps!)

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  1. How cool! I heard someone else say you can use parsley powder to make a green soap, but this is the first time I’ve seen a picture of it! I never would have thought to make a soap with orange juice and heavy cream either, but it looks really neat! I hope the scent holds up!

  2. How are these coming along two weeks later? Love the parsley green.

    Do you need preservative using fresh juices?? Do they go off?

  3. I haven’t had any issues with the juice needing preservative since it is mixed with lye. I have another batch with OJ that’s 3 months old and still looks great, and a batch with lemon juice about 5 months that’s still going strong.

    The margarita and patchouli soaps are finally ready for market this weekend! Tried and tested and both turned out great! The orange vanilla is almost ready…I’m counting the days 🙂

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