We believe it’s important to treat our planet with respect so we can continue to enjoy it for years to come.  We do our best to tread lightly and make eco-conscious decisions at Soap Addict.  Here are a few more reasons you can feel good about using our products.

  • We recycle and reuse….a lot.
  • We use 100% renewable energy, provided by Green Mountain Energy, to make all of our products
  • We’ve gone digital.  We only print what we absolutely need to.
  • And when we do print…we use recycled paper products.  In the printer, for our soap labels – we only purchase paper products made from recycled materials
  • All of our product packaging is recyclable.  All of the plastics we use can be recycled, and we’ll even recycle the scrub jars for you.  Bring them back to us and get $1 off your next scrub purchase.
  • We recycle shipping supplies whenever possible, and never buy plastic for shipping.  All of the filling used for shipping orders is reused, and we frequently send orders out in boxes we’ve used before.  We NEVER buy plastic or Styrofoam for shipping, so if you happen to receive it with your order, rest assured it’s being reused.
  • We’ve eliminated palm oil from all of our products.  Much of the palm oil harvested today contributes to rain forest deforestation (not cool), so we’ve completely removed it from all of our products.
  • We use local ingredients and suppliers whenever possible.  We buy local honey and use fair-trade coffee from local coffee roaster Aduro Bean (for our citrus coffee kitchen soap).
  • We grow our own herbs.  The ground rosemary in our rosemary mint soap comes from our organic, backyard garden.

Head on over to our ingredients page to learn more about the natural, nourishing, good stuff we put in our products.

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