I don't smell like patchouli anymore

I’ve been using ‘natural’ deodorant?for several years now, and have tried lots of different brands.? For a year or so I have been using Lush’s aromaco?deodorant – it smells like patchouli.? I’m getting a little tired of people telling me I smell like patchouli because of my deodorant (true story – LOTS of people have commented on how I smell like patchouli since I started using this).? It’s time for a change, and since I like to think I can make my own personal care products just a well as any of the major brands, I thought I’d try my hand at making my own deodorant.?

After reading several blogs, and watching lots of YouTube videos,?by other peeps who make their own deo (it’s aluminum and preservative free, thank-you-very-much), I came up with my own recipe.? And here it is:

equal parts of the following:

  • beeswax
  • cocoa butter
  • baking soda
  • corn starch

2 parts coconut oil

Melt the oils together, blend in the baking soda and cornstarch, then add:

an antibacterial essential oil blend equal to about .15 oz.? I used the following, but there are LOTS of other EO’s that are antibacterial and could be used.? Next time I’m going to try a tea tree blend…this one I used smells like my lemongrass soap:

  • lemongrass
  • eucalyptus
  • lemon
  • bergamot
  • lavender

I tried to make this not too girly so that Joey could use it too.? I made 3 mini tubes (they each hold about 1 ounce) and we’ve each been using it for about a week now.? So far, so good, and it has been HOT here.? I mean, heat advisory, triple digit, don’t-go-outside-from-9am-9pm?hot.? And my new deo?is standing up pretty well to the heat.? And I like the way it feels on my skin better than the Lush deo I used to use…the cocoa butter makes it nice and soft.

You should give it a try 🙂

natural colorants experiment

2 weeks ago I attended the Lonestar?Soap and Toiletries Soapmakers Seminar in Austin – it was great!? It was a full day of talking about soap, which I don’t get to do very often with other people who actually LIKE to talk about soap.? Lots of great info shared, including an experiment that I participated in about natural colorants.? Thought I would share my contributions to the experiment here, as well as a link to the entire collection.?

I made 2 batches for the experiment (all that participated made a 1 pound batch with the same recipe and no extra additives besides the selected colorants).? I have had success in the past with lemon and orange juices in my soaps, so decided for this experiment I would try pomegranate and fresh squeezed OJ.?

used fresh squeezed orange juice instead of water mixed with the lye
pomegranate juice (POM brand) mixed with the lye instead of water. This one reacted violently - won't be trying this one again 🙂

David Fisher, writer for About.com’s Soap and Candle section, took all of our soaps with him and made this wonderful gallery of all 34 soaps that were made by different Texas Soapmakers.? I bookmarked this page immediately, and have already started more experimenting!

conversations with my cat

I have a cat named Jett?who is very cuddly?and quite talkative.? He is also a little (ok, a lot) high maintenance and makes sure to let me know exactly when he wants something.? Like, for example, when he wants me to shake his food bowl.? Yes, that’s correct, shake the bowl (I told you he was high-maintenance).?

We have one of those bowls where you can fill it with lots of food and as the cat eats from it, more food is supposed to fall down.??A clever (or assertive) cat could stick their little kitty paw into the bowl where the food is and make more come out.? That’s just not Jett’s style.? He prefers to meow very loudly and constantly at me until I go to his food bowl and shake the food out of the top for him.? We have this conversation every day about his food bowl, typically between 11 and 1 (lunch time – he’s on a tight schedule, you know).

Jett:?? meow, meow

Me:? Hi Jett! ( I reach down to pet him hoping to appease)

Jett:? meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow??? (this is also?when he jumps in front of the computer or aggressively rubs against my leg)

Me:? What is it Jett!? I’m busy!


Me:? Fine!? I’ll? stop what I’m doing to shake your stupid food bowl!? (I stomp into the room where his food bowl is, give it a good shake and stomp out)

(2 minutes later)

Jett:? MEOW, meow (I pretend this means thank you)

I let Jett?get away with this bratty behaviour because he is just so darn cute and loves to cuddle.

new lip balms

I’ve been testing out some different lip balm recipes for a while now, and they are officially ready for the masses.? I’m pretty picky about lip balm – can’t be too hard and has to have staying power – so I’ve gone through several rounds to get it where I like it.? These have mango butter (which I wish smelled like mango, but is still wonderful) and it makes this so silky and creamy. I have to say, the final product is super soft and smells so yummy.?

Right now I have orange and mint, and am going to do some new scents soon.? Maybe a coffee and a key lime?? I am a little obsessed with citrus right now, especially sweet orange essential oil – it smells just like a fresh orange and is my favorite in lip balm.? Check it out on Etsy.

whirly ball, cake and theater snobs

This post is not about soap.? It’s about my super fun weekend and first go at whirly?ball.? Saturday was my friend Brandie’s 30th birthday, and she decided we should celebrate by all acting like we are not anywhere near 30.? So we played whirly ball – a ridiculously fun game that involves bumper cars, mini-lacrosse type sticks and flying balls.? I was awful, but so was everyone else.? Now I just need a good reason to play again.

Then off to dinner for Brandie’s b-day, and found out her boyfriend Corry is quite the baker.? He made the most fabulous birthday cake I have ever seen that wasn’t paid for.? And it tasted great.? Props to Corry.


Yesterday Joey and I went to see Phantom of the Opera.? We bought season tickets again this year since there are some great shows coming and we both really enjoy going.? This was the first show of the season, and we loved it.? What we didn’t love where the theater snobs behind us who complained about the show sucking the whole time.? Apparently the singing was all off and just not up to their standards.? I never understand when people act like that….it’s so disrespectful to the people on stage who are signing their hearts out.? Regardless, we loved it and had a great time.


What an excellent Friday!

So today I got a good taste of the power of the web, and it’s most popular handmade marketplace, Etsy.? This week I opened an Etsy store, and this morning I was briefly featured on the homepage.? I received a huge warm welcome from fellow shop owners and received several wholesale inquiries – a first for me!? It was quite exciting for my ‘lil ‘ol soap shop.

I was also featured on 2 blogs today – CraftGossip and Lilac and Grey.

Just had to toot my own horn a little…turns out all this time I’ve been?spending cruising the web may be actually beneficial.? Now, time for a glass of wine.


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