Texas Olive Ranch

Did you know that olives can grow in Texas?? I didn’t until this past weekend when I met Josh from the Texas Olive Ranch at the new public market?in Fort Worth.? I thought olives only grew in fabulous far away places like the Mediterranean?or Northern California (I think Northern California is fabulous, and it’s pretty far from Fort Worth).? Turns out I was oh-so wrong (an extremely rare occurence).?

basil infused olive oil from Texas Olive Ranch


Texas Olive Ranch is the only?commercial olive oil producer in the lone star state, and they are cranking out some fabulous oils.? The ranch grows arbequina?variety olives and has 40,000 mature olive trees on their farm in?Carrizo Springs, about 100 miles south of San Antonio. ?I tasted the lemon infused olive oil and ended up with a bottle of the basil – both are wonderful.? They have several other infused oils that sound great – next time I’m trying the rattlesnake cracked pepper and chipotle chili olive oil – yum.

?You can find their oils at a Central Market near you, or check their website for a list of all stores that stock their oils.

giveaway for soap addicts!

Do you get anxious when you have less than 1 bar of handmade soap on hand?? Do you have the uncontrollable urge to sniff every bar of soap you see?? Yup, sounds like you’re a soap addict, and I bet you could use a free bar or two.?

I’m having a giveaway on my Facebook page, so thought I would spread the love to my blog as well.? 2 bars of soap, your choice of scent.? All you have to do is become a fan and leave a comment before 5:00 cst tomorrow.? So go ahead, enter the contest, because everybody likes free stuff and you need a soap fix.

You might be a soap addict if your bathroom looks like this.

new lip balms

I’ve been testing out some different lip balm recipes for a while now, and they are officially ready for the masses.? I’m pretty picky about lip balm – can’t be too hard and has to have staying power – so I’ve gone through several rounds to get it where I like it.? These have mango butter (which I wish smelled like mango, but is still wonderful) and it makes this so silky and creamy. I have to say, the final product is super soft and smells so yummy.?

Right now I have orange and mint, and am going to do some new scents soon.? Maybe a coffee and a key lime?? I am a little obsessed with citrus right now, especially sweet orange essential oil – it smells just like a fresh orange and is my favorite in lip balm.? Check it out on Etsy.

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