my weekend market finds

The spring craft show season is winding down, and this was my last busy show weekend for a while.? One of my favorite things about doing different shows is shopping all of the other booths!? I usually try to just look and not buy anything, but I?lacked will power?this weekend.? Here’s what I scored from other local artisans around Fort Worth.

On Saturday I was at Arts Goggle in Fort Worth with several other great artists in my immediate area.? The later it got, the fewer people there were, so what else am I to do but shop?

I love everything that Cindy at Revel Designs?makes, and I got this reusable sandwich wrap for my husband who takes sandwiches for lunch all the time.? It has chalkboard fabric on the front, and she had tons of cute patterns to choose from.? This was the most manly of the bunch, so hopefully hubby won’t be picked on by the other less savvy men at the office.? He’s man enough to take it.

the open sandwich wrap doubles as a place mat - how cute is that?

Soy based hand poured candle, made by Deletia?R. Basden?( of SCENTILATING.? I got a fragrance blend of peppermint, rosemary, lavender and grapefruit.? A great candle, and I love the simple, classic packaging.?

peppermint, rosemary, lavender and grapefruit - yum!

Sunday I sold my soap at the new Beach Street Market that takes place the 3rd Sunday of every month.? A food market like this is especially dangerous for me – I’m a bit of a foodie, and a sucker for anything handmade.? I was somewhat contained, and only walked away with 2 items:

Almond Rocca from Cece’s?Citchen?in Fort Worth, Texas.? OMG – this is soooo good.? Chocolate, toffee and almonds.? Need I say more?? I’m staring at the bag right now trying to control myself.? Nope, can’t do it…going for another piece.

Organic, fair trade, fresh roasted?coffee from?AduroBean in Fort Worth.? I’m not really a coffee drinker, but have some big soap plans for this fabulous smelling coffee.? It’s fresh roasted and this variety has a little chocolate smell as well.? I see a mocha soap in my future.? I was parked right next to Rupert from AduroBean at the market and we ended up chatting for much of the market.? Great guy and great coffee.

Wonder what I’ll find next time?

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