my soap room and the dog who loves it

When I decided I would make soap my job, one of the first things I needed was a space to put it all.? Our old “office” (aka junk room with leftover furniture from college and everything that didn’t have a place in the rest of the house) had to become my real office.? That was?huge ?a project, but I’m happy to say it’s complete…mostly.? I’ve been spending?more and more time in my new soap room, where I store all of my curing bars and soap ingredients.?

Today my soap rack is completely full since I have a craft show this Saturday.? I’ve been making?soap like crazy this week and have TONS of soap cutting to do this afternoon – 9?loafs?are ready to be cut.? It will be a miarcle if I can fit them all on my one drying rack.? Not sure what?Joey (hubby)?will think when he comes home from work one day and I’ve lined the living room with soap drying racks as well.? Hopefully it won’t come to that.

What I didn’t mention about my soap room is that our dog, Kenji, also thinks this is his room.? He’s more than happy to share though and loves hanging out in the soap room.? All of his bones are on the floor in there, even after I move them to his bed in the living room, they still end up back in ‘his’ room.? Here’s Kenji in the soap room.

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