conversations with my cat

I have a cat named Jett?who is very cuddly?and quite talkative.? He is also a little (ok, a lot) high maintenance and makes sure to let me know exactly when he wants something.? Like, for example, when he wants me to shake his food bowl.? Yes, that’s correct, shake the bowl (I told you he was high-maintenance).?

We have one of those bowls where you can fill it with lots of food and as the cat eats from it, more food is supposed to fall down.??A clever (or assertive) cat could stick their little kitty paw into the bowl where the food is and make more come out.? That’s just not Jett’s style.? He prefers to meow very loudly and constantly at me until I go to his food bowl and shake the food out of the top for him.? We have this conversation every day about his food bowl, typically between 11 and 1 (lunch time – he’s on a tight schedule, you know).

Jett:?? meow, meow

Me:? Hi Jett! ( I reach down to pet him hoping to appease)

Jett:? meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow??? (this is also?when he jumps in front of the computer or aggressively rubs against my leg)

Me:? What is it Jett!? I’m busy!


Me:? Fine!? I’ll? stop what I’m doing to shake your stupid food bowl!? (I stomp into the room where his food bowl is, give it a good shake and stomp out)

(2 minutes later)

Jett:? MEOW, meow (I pretend this means thank you)

I let Jett?get away with this bratty behaviour because he is just so darn cute and loves to cuddle.

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