you might be a soap addict if…

I found part of this list on an old soap makers post, and it just hit too close to home.? I can relate to all of these.

You?might be?a soap addict if:

  • You disdain any soap you didn’t make yourself.
  • You have more essential oils than you do spices.
  • The fridge is full of vegetable oils to be used for soapmaking.
  • You use the stockpot to make soap.
  • You have more “soap” utensils than you do “cooking” ones!
  • You own a stick blender, and use it.
  • You keep coconut oil in the freezer.
  • Your mate has learned NOT to taste that interesting stuff in the casserole dish!
  • You get excited when lye goes on sale.
  • You’ve bought olive oil in the one gallon container.
  • You’re on a first-name basis with the UPS guy.
  • Your house always smells like you’ve swiped the inventory from “The Body Shop”.
  • You carry free samples of soap in your purse, your briefcase and your car, just in case.
  • You try writing off your “work cupboard” as a home business tax expense.
  • You denude your lavender bushes before they’re ready so that your lavender soap looks right.
  • Your husband trips over all of the soap molds hastily stacked in the kitchen.
  • Kitchen? what kitchen? YOU have a test laboratory.
  • You know the difference between M&P and CP.
  • You don’t have friends, you have test markets.
  • You see products in stores and recognize which companies sold the molds.
  • The UPS guy rolls his eyes every time he lugs a box to your house.

I love soap.

Hello, my name is Karla, and I’m a soap addict.? Just to be?clear, I don’t have any bizarre?medical condition that requires me to bath a lot, and I don’t have (at least I don’t think) severe body odor that I need to cover up.? I just love soap.? My husband would look at me like I’m crazy when my ‘souveneir’ from a vacation would be a stack of handmade soap bars from various soap makers in whatever state we were visiting.? I would savor every bar and so look forward to the day when I could unwrap a new bar and use it for the first time.? I know – really dorky.

I decided the best way to feed my addiction is to make my own soap.? So that’s what I’m doing.? I started making cold process, handmade soap about a year ago, and am loving it.? I recently quit my day job to give it a try as a full-time career, and now I’m blogging about it.? I’m constantly creating new things and can’t wait to share my adventures with you.

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